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For over ten years, DWW Psychological Services (DWW)’s mission is to provide support to those seeking to grow. Along with specifically trained collaborators, we facilitate a number of services including individual, couples, group, play, and family psychotherapies; psychoanalysis; consultations; workshops; as well as speech and language, occupational, psychiatric, and psychological evaluations and treatments.

Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, and Evaluative Services

Therapy sessions usually span 45 to 60 minutes. During the first session we will discuss the history and current concerns that brought you to seek support. This time together gives us an opportunity to consider options, strategies, and ways to achieve your goals. While the benefits of a psychological evaluation, psychotherapy, or other treatments are generally likely to outweigh possible risks, the outcomes and side effects cannot be predicted with certainty. Persons being evaluated or involved in therapy may experience a wide range of emotions, and it is not unusual to feel vulnerable or stressed. The therapeutic experience may arouse feelings or produce insights of which you were unaware, or which you might not wish to experience. The goals of psychological and evaluative services are generally to advance the understanding of problems and to increase functioning and well-being which require addressing uncomfortable material you might have tried to avoid heretofore. This therapy time becomes an opportunity you’ve created for yourself to work through issues!

Adult Therapy

Child and Family Therapy

Couples Therapy

Play Therapy

Supervision | Teaching | Training



Partners with whom we work and trust


Individual Support
Couples and Family Support
Group Therapy
Private School Admissions Testing

Treatment specialization includes:

Depression and Anxiety
Sexual and Relationship problems
Medical and Health concerns
Grief and Loss
Work and Career concerns
Stress Management
Parenting and Family issues
Conflict Resolution
School-based concerns
(e.g., ADHD, bullying, etc.)





Jonathan Goode, Psy.D.

Accepts CareFirst BCBS


Note: The Psychiatrists listed do not accept insurance

Vittoria Delucia, MD

(301) 785-9473

Simona Pick-Both, MD

(703) 283-3530

Low Fee Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

George Washington Psychotherapy Clinic

2100 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20037

(202) 994-4937

Sliding Fee Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Washington School of Psychiatry Eugene Myer Treatment Clinic

5028 Wisconsin Ave NW #400, Washington DC, 20016

(202) 537-6050 - Treatment Center
(202) 237-2700 - School

Clinics that Accept Insurance

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Department of Psychiatry

2115 Wisconsin Ave NW, Suite 200, Washington DC, 20007

(202) 944-5400


Individual, Family, Play, and Couples Treatments and Supervision and Consultation
$200 - $400
per 45-70 minute hour
Psychological and Psychiatric Evaluations
$1000 - $5400
Occupational and Speech Evaluations
$800 - $1000

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